Clevertouch is ready to revolutionize your classroom or meeting room with its different models specifically designed for business or education. While the LUX user interface keeps the panel as easy to use as a smartphone, the panels comes filled with professionally designed features and apps, such as:
  • Clever Message – send messages instantly to any Clevertouch panel in your network
  • Clevershare – screenshare from devices to Clevertouch panel
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Over the Air (OTA) Updates
Founded in 2009 by 20-year AV veterans Kevin and Nigel Batley, Clevertouch has won numerous awards and remains one of the world’s premier interactive panels. Brand Awards:
  • AV Awards Winner 2017 for Interactive Display Product of the Year (Plus Series)
  • AV Awards Winner 2016 for Interactive Display Product of the Year (V-Series)
  • Teach Secondary Technology & Innovation Awards Finalist 2015 for Best Resource
  • AV Awards Winner 2015 for Manufacturer of the Year
  • AV Awards Finalist 2015 for Display Product of the Year (Clevertouch Plus)
Country of brand: United Kingdom Products: Web: